Dina Keswani, Executive MBA '09
Dina Keswani, Executive MBA 09

Monday, November 26, 2007

A metric for success.

Getting to know your fellow students is a critical component of the Cornell EMBA experience. Social events throughout the year give you the opportunity to network and interact with your classmates. Good networks are very intentional, as strategic relationships are built from there. For me, spending time with classmates is a social lube. It also helps detox those academic worries, and several other lingering what-ifs.

At Palisades, the infamous 'e-bar' is a chill out zone, where we chit-chat, revive and refresh our brains that tend to get quasi fried by the end of a Saturday study and/or review session. Some hit the gym for that much needed workout, or play table tennis or basketball or if you were me -rush to the indoor pool for a quick swim. The '08s sometimes host a few Saturday night parties which are a whole lot of fun. The '09s also religiously schedule frequent wine tasting sessions on Saturday evenings, facilitating sociability to again thrive.

Now, this may come as a shock, but here in the Ivy League depths of Cornell, is an amazing football team. Last month, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Cornell vs. Princeton football game and tailgate party. Attended the event with a lot of enthusiasm, in spite of the lousy weather. Came out to support our team, be amongst friends, and meet alumni who were also there to cheer us on. Unfortunately, it was not our night and Big Red was defeated by three points (34-31). Even though our team was not victorious, the experience was just fully worth!

Early this month we had our annual Open House for Partners Weekend, for partners of first-year students. In talking to my non single classmates, I understand that this event did add value to their EMBA experience, as it provided partners with a pretty cool insight and understanding of the overall program. This Open House for Partners serves both as their introduction to the program, and is a way for them to gain an interesting perspective on what exactly do their partners actually do during class weekends.

Getting social can be understatement. There are those broadly compelling times when you may choose to skip social opportunities for study (or that deserved sleep) and vice versa. At the same instance, rest assured, there will always be this anticipated need for some 'mandatory fun'.

Note: I understand from the admissions office that the link to this blog has been shared with prospective students recently. So if you are prospective student and like to contact me to discuss topics covered so far or even going forward, feel free me to email me dsk223@cornell.edu.